Here you can find few examples of the projects I worked on. Enjoy!

One Too Many – Keith Urban & P!nk together in this new single that I recorded!


Rimmel – Tiziano Ferro’s studio performance of his last single “Rimmel” that I produced. In this version I’m also playing guitar for him.


Tender Mercies – Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard song I mixed for Sean Penn’s movie “Flag Day”


Superman – Keith Urban’s single I had the pleasure to record


Rehab – Weathers single I mixed


God Whispered Your Name – Keith Urban’s first single from his new album ‘The Speed Of Now – Part 1’ I recorded


Accetto Miracoli – Tiziano Ferro’s single I recorded. Produced by Timbaland


Luci Blu – Emma’s single I recorded and mixed. From the album ‘Fortuna’


Tutto Questo Sei Tu (Live Acoustic In LA) – Ultimo’s perfomance recorded live at Capitol Studios B. This was his first take…


Shallow – Pentatonix. I did a recording session for this instant evergreen at Henson Recording Studios A.


Buona (Cattiva) Sorte – Tiziano Ferro’s first single from the album ‘Accetto Miracoli’ I recorded. Produced by Timbaland


Screwed – Janelle Monáe. Her album “Dirty Computer” was nominated at the 2018 Grammys for Album Of The Year, and I was lucky enough to record this!


Evolution of Ariana Grande – Pentatonix. Recorded by me at Henson Recording Studios.


Does Your Mama Know? – Mark Dohner‘s new single I mixed


Il Treno Va – by Enrico Ruggeri. Produced by Saverio ‘Sage’ Principini. Recorded and mixed my me.


Vodafone Commercial with Tiziano Ferro – Voiceover session with Tiziano Ferro for Vodafone Italy


Recording Session with Vasco Rossi & Kevin Bacon at Speakeasy Studios



Vasco Rossi – Getting ready for Vasco’s session at Speakeasy Studios


Eros Ramazzotti – The Making Of the album ‘Perfetto’


Perfetto – Eros Ramazzotti: TG5 talks about his new album


Tracking Horns – At Megawatt Recording Studios tracking horns for Sister Cristina


Ahora – Juan Darthés new single I had the pleasure to mix for Warner Music Argentina


Like A Virgin – Sister Cristina won The Voice of Italy in 2014, she was signed to Universal and I was part of the production team who recorded and mixed the whole album in Los Angeles. Her single down here reached more than 4.5 million views in just few months.


Weekend – Tracked rap vocals for Club Dogo‘s new record for Universal Italy – Certified Gold Record in Italy right now.


Spring Break Anthem – From The Lonely Island record “The Wack Album”, click here to see the full album


Nero’s Fire – From Astaroth record “The End Of Silence”, click here to see the full album